This report has been based largely on desktop research and published documents on small spacecraft technology, industry consultation and participation at conferences. Helpful suggestions and contributions were also received from numerous people at NASA Ames Research Center, and in particular the authors wish to acknowledge the reviewers James Bell, Josh Benton, Matt D’Ortenzio, Josh Forgione, Vanessa Kuroda, Dawn McIntosh, Marc Murbach, Matt Nehrenz, Hugo Sanchez, Matt Sorgenfrei, Sarah Thompson, Eddie Uribe and Bruce Yost. Additionally, many thanks are due to Amy Negrette and Kevin Boydstun for assisting with the migration of this report to the webpage. The Ames New Opportunities Center (NOC) is responsible for building the TRL checklists that is located on the Feedback page.

From NASA Glenn Research Center the authors would like to thank the reviewers Matt Deans, Fred Elliot, Josh Freeh, David Jacobson, William Marshall, Felix A. Miranda, Tim Smith and Brandon White. Finally, the authors would like to thank all of the compaines, universities and organizations who provided information for this report.

Contributing Authors: Elwood Agasid, Roland Burton, Roberto Carlino, Gregory Defouw, Andres Dono Perez, Arif Göktuğ Karacalğoğlu, Benjamin Klamm, Abraham Rademacher, James Schalkwyk, Rogan Shimmin, Julia Tilles and Sasha Weston